1. Energy is a key requirement for sustainable progress and development around the world. Energy consumption is rising rapidly, driven by worldwide population growth, swiftly developing economies, improving global living standards and the rapidly increasing use of ever more energy-dependent technologies. Global demand for energy is expected to increase significantly over the next 25 years, based on outlooks from the International Energy Agency.

      As a global energy consumer and industrial manufacturer, and a major manufacturer of energy conversion and power-generation products, Caterpillar has a fundamental interest in, and understanding of, energy needs around the world. We are providing products with leading integrated technology to various energy markets and leveraging our technology and innovation to meet the world’s growing energy needs.

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      Caterpillar has implemented hundreds of distributed power generation systems all over the world, which contribute to improving energy access in the developing world while emitting fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared with traditional power grid systems.

      Sustainability at Caterpillar

      Sustainable Development for Caterpillar means leveraging technology and innovation to increase efficiency and productivity with less impact on the environment and helping out customers do the same.

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      Sustainability Report

      Each year this report serves as the flagship document for stakeholders to understand Caterpillar's commitment to sustainability.

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